You Will Soon Be Able To Get Nike Fanny Pack Sandals

If you still haven’t come around to the idea of wearing a fanny pack, you better hold onto your hat because there’s a new fanny pack hybrid that you might not be able to handle: Nike is releasing “Fanny Pack” Benassi Slides for the summer. For real.

Images of the shoes from Nike’s forthcoming Summer 2020 collection began circulating the internet. The show a pair of slide sandals where the foot strap has been reimagined as a mini fanny pack, complete with a functioning zipper and what looks like a fairly roomy interior for you to carry your necessities when you don’t have any pockets or a purse.

The photos of the fanny pack slides revealed that there were three colorways: a lime green slide with a turquoise fanny pack, a black slide with a black fanny pack detail with a contrasting silver zipper and a black slide with a hot pink fanny pack with a purple zipper.

Some thought that the slides might have been a joke, but there are reports that they’re dropping soon. If you’re looking for ways to carry some spare change and your house key to the beach, but you don’t want to be burdened by carrying a beach bag, the Nike “Fanny Pack” Benassi Slides could be just the shoes for you.

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