Women’s Weightlifting for Health & Body Rejuvenation

Women’s weightlifting has always been, and continues to be somewhat taboo.  Yet as our society progresses, eliminating prior boundaries for women, so too, must we open our minds to the idea of weightlifting as a viable means to all-natural health and body rejuvenation.    As a critical thinker, and educated woman, I prefer not to take pharmaceuticals (avoiding side effects and long-term organ damage). I prefer not to endure painful injections, and their semi-annual maintenance visits. I certainly would rather avoid that hospital stay and the surgical procedures, which may lead to irreversible atrocities or even death for a small percentage of women. Why risk it? 

Let us suppose that you want to lose weight, or reshape your body to replicate your younger self. Better still, maybe you have lost some weight, and now want to tighten the sagging skin we find hanging around where those extra pounds were hiding just a few weeks, months, or years ago. You may even imagine yourself with a somewhat different body shape (more prominent shoulders or radically slimmer waistline).   Do you desire a “butt lift” or maybe you just want those flapping upper arms like your granny’s to go away. Women’s weightlifting can solve all these problems and so many more! 

Women’s weightlifting may be the answer. This is accomplished when you simply pick up a steel weight in whatever form you desire; put it down, and pick it up again. Yes! Lift the weight. Set it down. Lift it again. That’s it!  Eventually through proper training, and that is critical if this process is to be successful, proper training may elevate you to a personal best of a 100lb bench press, a 100lb squat, and a 100lb deadlift. You may possibly progress even further.

Sound ridiculous? I thought so too. Then I attempted the seemingly impossible, and in six months, my skin was no longer sagging. The excess weight was gone, and my health statistics were “ideal”. That is to say, my blood pressure, BMI, and my blood sugar level were all “ideal”. Additionally, my energy level skyrocketed! I felt phenomenal!

It’s simple to get started. Find a gym with the least number of cardio machines.  This is not about cardio. We get a cardio workout walking the dog or taking our kids to the park, going to the supermarket, and endless other activities that we perform every day of our lives.  You want to lift heavy weights, and this, my dear, will require a personal trainer for every session initially. This is about body reshaping and rejuvenation. 

Invest in a quality pair of “squat shoes”. These are shoes that will help you keep your balance and improve your form tremendously. They can take your results to new heights. Next, purchase an authentic weightlifting belt. It should have a clasp that is metal, never velcro or fabric. Your safety and the prevention of accidental injuries are top priority.

I also recommend that you consult a physician, have blood tests performed and evaluated. You both should be pleasantly surprised in six months when you review your health stats again. This also insures that when you are experiencing a challenging day at the gym, you can rest assured that you are physically capable of doing so.  If you would like to do research on the bench press, squat, and deadlift exercises, prior to attempting them for the first time. I suggest you go to YouTube and watch people do these very routines. I especially enjoy watching an American weightlifter named Jen Thompson, but there are numerous others also.

Okay, now that all of the precautions and preparations are complete. Go grab your most comfy sweats, and get started! Remember, this is not a fashion show. This is not a cardio gym. You are there to lift heavy and go home. The trainer will lead the way, all you have to do is commit to this challenge with an open mind and a strong will to succeed. Know that your body is craving this rejuvenation, and you will be justly rewarded.

Life really IS that simple when you get it right.  Let me know how things work out.

About the Author: Sonia Katlun

My name is Sonia and I love style and fashion. I took an interest in fashion from a young age and pursued a career in design/sales. In my free time I enjoy writing and blogging about different types of new fashion looks, makeup, accessories, etc. Thank you so much for being a loyal reader of Glamza.com and keep checking back for new updates!