Wedding Flip Flops: A Comfortable Alternative to Traditional Wedding Footwear

As anyone who’s ever been to a wedding probably already knows, the big day often requires the wedding party to be on their feet for hours. This can be a painful experience, especially for those in the wedding party wearing formal shoes. Fortunately, looking good on the big day doesn’t have to be painful, which is why more and more wedding parties are now sporting a stylish, yet far more comfortable alternative – wedding flip flops.

Originally seen mostly at beach weddings, wedding flip flops are now becoming a popular and stylish trend at all sorts of wedding locations, regardless of if the event is being held inside or outdoors. Do be sure to keep in mind the expected outdoor temperatures, however, because wedding flip flops will be much less practical and therefore advised against, during cold weather.

Now, depending on your wishes, you may choose for your wedding party to wear flip flops for the entire day or simply a portion thereof. One popular choice is to wear traditional wedding shoes during the ceremony and the more comfortable wedding flip flops during the reception and dance. There are no wrong choices however, so feel free to wear the flip flops for whichever parts of the day you feel most comfortable with.

When it comes time to actually buy the wedding flip flops, you’ll be pleased to know that they typically cost far less than their traditional counterparts. Available in a wide variety of styles and colors, the flip flops can be purchased for men, women, and children, meaning everyone in the wedding party can partake in this growing trend. The wide variety of choices also allows you to better coordinate your entire wedding party’s shoes with your wedding’s chosen color palette and level of dress formality.

With the advent of stylish wedding flip flops, it is no longer necessary for wedding parties to endure the aching pain associated with wearing formal wedding footwear. Not only are wedding flip flops considered modern and trendy in many cases, but they are also typically much cheaper when compared to traditional wedding shoes – a fact which is definitely worth considering, as wedding costs can really add up.

About the Author: Sonia Katlun

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