Things to Know When Choosing a Nail Polish

Other than the obvious choice of color, there are a few things to consider when purchasing nail polish. Some types may offer conveniences like being no chip or quick drying, while others may work to improve the nails themselves, such as a strengthening nail polish. With so many choices available in stores today, sometimes a trip to the nail polish aisle can become a daunting task. Luckily, it gets easier once you know what to expect.

Nail Polish Claim: No Chip
One of the most common features available in a nail polish today, is the promise that it won’t chip. Though some brands do chip less than others, it may be misleading to claim that any nail polish won’t chip. Regardless of what the bottle promises, all brands will chip as time goes by. For the best results, you may wish to invest in an anti-chip top coat for added protection.

Nail Polish Claim: Quick Drying
Many nail polishes claim to be quick drying. Though it can be very convenient when you are in a hurry, it’s important to note that these nail polishes will only leave your nails dry to the touch. A fast drying nail polish will not fully harden until more time has passed. Quick drying nail polishes also tend to chip faster, which might make them less appealing in the long run.

Nail Polish Claim: Strengthening
By having a built-in base, color, and top coat, strengthening nail polishes work to prevent nail breakage. Since the color range for strengthening nail polish tends to be rather limited, a clear nail hardener may be used as a base coat for any color that would otherwise be unavailable as a strengthener. Clear nail hardener can also be used as a stand-alone product to strengthen weak nails.

After you have learned some of the benefits and drawbacks from the various kinds of nail polishes, it becomes that much easier to decide which type of nail polish is best for your needs. All that is left is to find a brand with the features you want and the colors you desire.

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