Sweet Alternatives: Ideas for a ‘Cake-Free’ Wedding

There are plenty of reasons why some couples are choosing to forgo having a cake at their wedding: Cakes can be expensive, guests often don’t end up eating it, or maybe they just don’t like cake. All valid reasons for leaving this ‘tradition’ out of your big day. Fortunately, there are tons of great sweet treat options that do not involve a traditional wedding cake! Here are five ideas for those of you who are considering skipping a typical tiered confection.

Cheesecake Table: A great idea that is gaining popularity in the wedding world is having a selection of cheesecakes and fun toppings for your guests. This is also a great option if you are still attached to the idea of having a fun topper or a picture of you and your significant other cutting a cake. Try a mix of cheesecake flavors or varieties, like chocolate or New York style. Add a fanciful line up of toppings, such as caramel sauce, nuts or fresh fruit. This is definitely somewhere to use your creativity! Your guests are sure to be lining up for this fun option.

Macaron Tower: If you are looking for something different with an elegant flair, a macaron tower is a great option. Many local bakeries are adding these to their menus as their European influence gains popularity in the Canadian wedding world. They are not only a great addition to a sweet table, but they are a great piece of décor as well! The ability to mix colors and flavors is a great draw for couples who want to give their guests a variety of options for sweets, as well as a fun way to incorporate their wedding colors and theme into the dessert!

Doughnut Stacks: Doughnuts are becoming a huge hit at weddings, and for good reason. They add a super fun vibe to any dessert or sweets bar and can be customized with many different flavors. Ever since shows like ‘Donut Showdown’ hit the air, brides and grooms everywhere have been looking for fun and creative ways to incorporate these sugared rings of dough into their weddings. Aside from cute displays and stacks of doughnuts, they can also be customized further with additions like tasty toppings or different dips! Check out local bakeries or doughnut makers to add this sweet idea to your big day.

Sundae Bar: A longtime favorite has now made its way from children’s birthday parties and evolved into a stylish wedding element. The biggest draw for couples wanting to add a sundae bar to their big day is the variety of options for creativity and personalization. With a multitude of ice cream flavors and toppings, your guests have hundreds of combinations and ways to enjoy a sweet treat that is 100% catered to their individual taste! The other bonus is that a sundae bar can even be done to match your theme; think vanilla soft serve ice cream with toppings offered only in your wedding colors. Adults and kids alike will love this unique touch to your wedding.

Pie Counter: Another ‘old-school’ and fun element for weddings is the idea of having a pie counter for a dessert or sweet table option. There are so many fun ways to use this in both your theme and as a method of entertainment. Guests would love to line up at a diner-style pie counter for a slice of pie with fresh whipped cream and a milkshake! Another great way to include pie is to set up a table with all different heights and designs as a fun addition to the décor as well. This is another perfect way to give your guests a selection of flavors available to them, ensuring that everyone can find something they will like!

About the Author: Sonia Katlun

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