Spring Gardening 101

With this still too-cold weather hanging out, it’s hard to think of Spring and all the pretty blooms that come with it. Fortunately, Mother Nature is getting ready to warm up and soon enough spring showers will bring May flowers and all of the lovely greenery we look forward to. One of my favorite things about spring is getting outside and planting some beautiful things to make the summer and fall extra special. Here are a few of my tips for making the most of your garden this year.

Tools: Making sure you have everything you need before getting started is a major plus. Gardening gloves, small tools and garden twine are all very important to creating a flourishing plot. Certain plants & flowers need specific spacing, so it’s always important to have a measuring tape on hand too. Getting dirty sounds fun and all, but having gloves can help to protect your hands from any stray thorns, and those plastic holders can leave deep cuts too! A small spade or trowel, mini rake and a watering can are all vital as well.

Planning: Before you start to stick the plants in the ground, it’s a good idea to make a plan for where you want things to go. Colors that look nice together, which plants need more space to grow, and where your shade & sun areas are all affect a great garden. Make sure to make at least a rough idea of where you want everything to go, and leave space if you want to add anything.

Different Elements: Some people like lots of green; others want more color. Ensure that when you make your trip to the garden center you have an idea of what you want the space to look like. There are so many types of flowers, greenery and fillers that you want to ensure to read the labels and make sure the space you have will be compatible with your plants. Sometimes it’s nice to mix your green with your flowers, so this comes back to planning your space out and ensuring you have an even balance.

There are so many great gardening ideas on how to foster large growth spots, creating a flourishing garden for your home. Check back soon for a follow up article where I discuss growing herbs, fruits & vegetables!

About the Author: Sonia Katlun

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