Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Iconic yet elusive, winged eyeliner is one of the most classic makeup techniques that has defied changing makeup trends over many decades. Made famous by old Hollywood glamour beauties like Marilyn Monroe, and seen on many modern starlets like Dita Von Teese, winged eyeliner is timeless technique that can give makeup an overall look of class, glamour, and femininity.

Graphic liner can be a tricky technique to master, but it is one of the best ways to transform basic makeup into a more fun and flirty look. If there is one thing I get asked the most as a makeup artist, it is without a doubt: “How do you get your eyeliner so perfect?!”. The short answer? Practice and a steady hand. My technique really breaks down the process of achieving this highly sought after look, so take your time and try it out!

  1. You may want to start with a potted gel or cream liner and a very thin liner brush at first. Liquid eyeliner is my preference as a makeup artist as I find it definitely gives the most crisp, defined line, but gel liner is a little easier to work with until you’ve mastered the technique. Begin by drawing a thin line, starting from about the center of the eye, on your eyelid just above the iris. Continue the line out on a SLIGHT upward angle until you almost get to the end of the lash line.
  2. Continue your line on a more upward angle, toward the outer tip of your eyebrow to create a wing shape.
  3. Draw a line from the outer corner of your eyelid to the end of your wing to close it.
  4. Fill in your outline to create a nice solid black line. Try to get your liner nice and close to the roots of your lashes.
  5. Go back to your starting point above the iris and from there, carefully taper the liner toward the inner corner of the eye to complete the look. You can go as far into the inner corner as you like. Stopping the line slightly before the inner corner will create a bright, wide-eyed look.
  6. Tightline the upper waterline with black liner pencil. This really completes the liner making it a very solid, rich, black line, and can also give the appearance of fuller lashes. This step is optional and may feel uncomfortable to beginners, so be careful in your application.
  7. You may curl your lashes at this point, but only if your liner is completely dry. Wait a few minutes before curling your lashes, and be careful not to apply too much pressure against your eyelid with the curler, otherwise you may cause your eyeliner to peel, flake, or smudge.
  8. Finish your look with a generous application of your favorite mascara and maybe a set of pretty false eyelashes!

Getting that perfect, black, symmetrical eyeliner can be a daunting task at first attempt, but with a little patience and practice using this technique, you’ll be applying it like a pro in no time!

About the Author: Sonia Katlun

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