No Nail Polish Remover? Try This Weird Trick!

Picture this—there’s somewhere you have to be in a hurry, but you need to deal with your badly chipped nail polish first. So, you run to the bathroom and open the cabinet, only to realize that you’ve forgotten to replace that bottle of nail polish remover you finished off last week. Does that mean you’re out of options and have no choice but to leave the house with less than appealing nails? Possibly not. Before giving up, it could be worth trying this weird trick.

To complete this trick and hopefully save the look of your nails, you will need some clear nail polish and something that can wipe off your nails like makeup remover pads or cotton balls. Once you have gathered the items, apply a layer of the clear polish over your chipped polish and then, before the polish has a chance to dry, quickly wipe it off using the cotton balls or makeup remover pads. Repeat the process on each nail until the colored polish is completely gone.

Sure, this method of removal is somewhat messier than using actual nail polish remover to fix your nails, but at least it can still remove any unwanted colored polish if you’re in a pinch. As long as your nails come out of the process looking more presentable than they started, then the task has succeeded and you can continue onward to your pressing engagement without having to worry about the look of your nails.

About the Author: Sonia Katlun

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