Making the Most of Mirrors In Home Decoration

Décor trends come and go, but mirrors are timeless classics.

Modernize your home by mixing and matching a few mirrors. Playing around with different shapes, sizes and juxtapositions can help you add a touch of glamour to any room. Here are some tips and tricks to get you started.

A Large Mirror Can Make a Room Seem More Spacious

Adding a mirror close the height of your wall can create an illusion of depth in tighter spaces. For this to be effective, find a mirror that is at least ¾ the length of the wall you want to place it against.

Use a Well-Placed Mirror To Widen A Narrow Hallway Or Stair Case

In this case, a smaller horizontal mirror will do the trick. The illusion of a wider space can balance out the flow between narrow hallways and adjacent rooms.

Play Around With Different Shapes and Sizes – But Don’t Go Overboard

Juxtaposing mirrors of different shapes and sizes can create an artistic feel to a formerly empty wall. But you have to be careful about what reflection these mirrors are producing – you don’t want to have a mirror installed that directly reflects on a cluttered area, for example.

Speaking Of Reflection – Here Are A Few Tricks to Consider

Hanging a mirror by a window to create the illusion of another window in the room. This in turn will make the space look bigger and possibly make the room brighter depending on the weather.

Want to play around with lights too? Add a few candles to the mix. Position a mirror behind some candles – the reflected light will add an extra glow to your home.

And Remember: Mirrors Don’t Have To Just Be Indoor Decoration

A spot outside with interesting lighting can greatly benefit from a mirror. Hanging one in a garden or outside your port will enable you to create an atmosphere of indoor comfort and elegance.

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