How to Buy the Perfect Pair of Running Shoes

No matter how much you enjoy running, it can start to lose its appeal if you don’t have a good pair of running shoes. Unfortunately, its not always easy to figure out which particular shoes are good and which are not while shopping around. So, how do you go about finding the perfect pair of running shoes?

Well, the first thing you’ll want to do when searching for your perfect pair of running shoes is look for shoes made specifically for running. It sounds simple, but don’t forget – certain shoes work best for certain activities. Be sure any shoes you are considering were designed for running and not another activity like walking or sport like baseball. By limiting your search to include only shoes that were specifically made for running, you will be well on your may to finding the perfect pair of running shoes.

Once you’ve found a selection of shoes that were specifically made for running, you will want to start trying some on for comfort. You are looking for a pair of running shoes that doesn’t feel hard or stiff and fits comfortably, without feeling too loose or too tight. If the shoes seem to fit these criteria, then take them for a brief walk around the store to judge their “in motion” comfort level.

Because the inside of a store isn’t always the best environment for testing out a pair of running shoes, it can be worth taking them outdoors for an actual test run, so long as the store will allow it. Fortunately, many specialty running stores allow their customers to do just this, so long as you are willing to leave a driver’s license or other form of identification behind. If after this quick test run the shoes still feel comfortable, then you’ve probably found your perfect pair of running shoes.

Shopping around until you find the perfect pair of running shoes can be time consuming, but if you are serious about running, it will certainly be worth the extra effort. To ensure that you end up with your perfect pair of running shoes, make sure to buy well-fitting and comfortable shoes that were specifically made for running.

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