Finding Your Perfect Fitbit Watch

Many people these days are turning to Fitbit to fulfill their fitness tracking needs. Whether you are an everyday, active, or high-performance user, they likely have a suitable tracker for you in their lineup of fitness tracking devices. If, however, in addition to tracking your level of fitness, you’d also like for your fitness tracker to double as a wristwatch, then your options are a little more limited. That said, Fitbit does currently sell five fitness tracking wristbands that can easily double as a wristwatch. These include their Alta, Alta HR, Charge 2, Blaze, and Surge.

Now, because its unlikely that anyone would be buying a Fitbit tracker for its time-telling abilities atone, it’s worth noting that each of the previously mentioned trackers have several other useful features.

Standard features on all five Fitbit watches include step, calorie, and distance counters; automatic exercise recognition; steep tracking with silent alarms; and call and text notifications.

Beyond the previously mentioned standard features, each tracker also comes equipped with additional features that aren’t standard to all models. If there are certain features that you absolutely cannot live without, then use this list to ensure your chosen tracker will meet your needs.

Calendar alerts: Alta, Alta HR, Charge 2, Blaze Cardio fitness level: Alta HR, Charge 2, Blaze Floors climbed: Charge 2, Blaze, Surge GPS, built-in: Surge GPS, connected: Charge 2, Blaze Guided breathing sessions: Charge 2, Blaze Heart rate: Alta HR, Charge 2, Blaze, Surge Interchangeable accessories: Alta, Alta HR, Charge 2, Blaze Multi-sport tracking: Charge 2, Blaze, Surge Music control: Blaze, Surge On-screen workouts: Blaze Reminders to move: Alta, Alta HR, Charge 2, Blaze Sleep stages: Alta HR, Charge 2, Blaze

Though a tracker’s additional features often weigh heavily in the decision-making process, the cost of the fitness trackers themselves is also worth considering, especially for those buying on a budget. If you’d like to keep spending to a minimum when buying your next fitness tracking wristband, then you should consider purchasing one of Fitbit’s lower-priced models like the Alta, Alta HR, or Charge 2.

Other than a tracker’s features and price tag, another consideration is its looks. If having a small watch face is important to you, then you might prefer one of Fitbit’s smaller trackers like the Alta, Alta HR, or Charge 2. If you prefer watches with larger faces, then the Blaze or Surge might be more like what you’re looking for. While each model can be purchased with either a small, large, or extra-large wristband, its important to remember that the size of each watch face is standard to each model, regardless of its band size.

The size of the watch face also plays a rote in which trackers can display an analog-style clock. Though each tracker has a variety of style options for telling the time, the small screen area found on both the Alta and Alta HR doesn’t allow for an analog-style clock display. If viewing the time in an analog fashion is important to you, then you’ll need to stick with either a Charge 2, Blaze, or Surge as these are the models capable of displaying an analog-style clock.

White still on the topic of looks, it’s also worth discussing the style options of the wristbands. Though each model’s wristbands come in a variety of colors and textures, be aware that some styles are only available on certain models and sizes. Also, if having interchangeable bands is important to you, then you may want to avoid the Surge as it is the only model of the five that doesn’t support interchangeable bands.

There’s a tot to think about when purchasing a fitness tracker that will also act as a wristwatch. Thankfully, Fitbit offers enough variety in their product lineup that one of their five time-telling fitness wristbands might be exactly what you are looking for. Before making your final decision, however, carefully consider the price, looks, and features of each of the five discussed tracker models. That way you’ll end up with the fitness tracking wristband most suited to your individual budget, style, and needs.

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