Feeling Sad is Powerful

It’s true that feeling sad is not an ideal emotion. It’s normal to prefer happiness, though sometimes we have no choice but to feel sad, and that is okay. Every emotion is valid and worth expressing.

Since emotions are energy in motion, it is necessary to feel through them. When we suppress these emotions, it can lead to depression or further unhappiness. Simply feel the emotions and all of the thoughts that are going through your mind. It takes a strong individual to sit with their sadness and approach it head-on. Crying is a sign of strength, not weakness.

To help you feel safe when faced with feelings of sadness, here are some tips that may help you.

Sometimes it’s easier and more comfortable to write in a journal than to speak to others. Write down the feelings or thoughts that you are going through. Acknowledge the state that you are in. When you write down what is held inside of your body, you are releasing these feelings further. It will feel like a relief when you are done.

Positive Affirmations
When you are sad or crying, remind yourself that you are going to be okay. Everything is going to be okay. You are safe. You are releasing all of these heavy emotions as you feel them. This will make you feel better because you are not feeding into negative thoughts by calling yourself weak or focusing on how you don’t like feeling the way you do.

This Too Shall Pass
Though you might have a sad day that lasts longer than you’d like it to, remember that there’s going to be happy moments in your future again. Heavy emotions seem like they’re going to last forever, but they are not. They are temporary.

Accept All Emotions
When we deem emotions good or bad or label them positive or negative, it can drag us further down. We feel sad and immediately correlate that to being “bad.” Sadness is an emotion just like the rest of them and it will not last forever. Accept all emotions as they come to you and provide yourself with the support and confidence to know that you can handle all that comes your way because you can.

About the Author: Sonia Katlun

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