Converse’s New Floral High Tops Will Replace Your Sandals

Sandals are the go-to shoe style for many in the summer. After all, there are only a few months of the year where we can have our toes exposed and not worry about getting frostbite. As much as you love sandals, Converse is making a strong case for floral sneakers being your new summer shoe with the launch of the Chuck 70 Parkway Floral High Tops ($100).

Converse has reworked the classic Chuck 70 Parkway High Tops with beautiful floral embroidery and cheerful bases. The brand reports that they’re meant to have a playful, throwback look. The flower detailing is a twist, but the shoes still feature Converse’s signature rubber outsole, toe bumper and striper. There’s also the “vintage license plate” on the reverse.

There are three different versions of the shoe style: Pink, Gold, Washed Denim, aka pale blue. All of the shoes have white laces and outsoles with floral embroidery to match their respective colors.

If you’re after something besides high tops, the brand also has some embroidered low tops thanks to the Chuck 70 Parkway Floral Low Tops ($95). There are also three styles in the lower model, but they aren’t the same as the high versions. The “Brown” colorway features a beige base with pink and white blooms. The “Driftwood” shoes have an ivory base with white and blue floral embroidery. Finally, there’s the “Obsidian” shoes (pictured below). They’re the darkest of the whole bunch and feature a navy base with vivid red and gold floral embroidery.

All of the floral embroidery shoes are available to shop now on the Nike website. Grab your favorite kicks and wear them now and long into the cold weather. This is one pair of shoes you won’t have to put away when the temperature dips.

About the Author: Sonia Katlun

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