Battle Of The Blister

I have a confession to make. I really really love shoes. And I really really hate shoes. My feet do not adapt well to new footwear. Never have. Strappy sandals will rub and hurt. Pumps without nylons are a nightmare. A flat footbed will guarantee a painful end to my day. Orthotics inside those flat shoes will not offer any relief either. Even new running shoes can leave me sore and blistered. I don’t know what the problem is, honestly. I have been told it’s the shape of my foot, my heel is too round, my foot is too narrow, my arch is too high. I have also heard that the curve in my spine caused by scoliosis is to blame. Whatever it is, my feet hurt all the time.

If you’re like me, you may have already tried some of these tricks and different products. If you have found something else that works for you, please share it!

Blistered Feet Solutions

  • Blister Sticks – You can find them made by Dr. Scholl’s, Band-Aid and Avon, to name a few. Whatever the brand, the idea is the same; simply apply to the skin before it starts to rub and blister. In a pinch, a simple tube of lip balm will also work.
  • Heel Liners – These are adhesive pads that you stick around the inside of the heel of the actual shoe to prevent the friction from happening. I have also found a similar product that sits inside your shoe under the ball of your feet so your foot is not sliding around and getting sore.
  • Shoe Liners – A tiny stocking that you wear on your foot, the idea here is that they are not long enough to even peak over the top edge of your shoe, or at the very least (if you have small sized feet like me) there will only be a little lacy edge that will show. They can usually be found anywhere that you buy socks.
  • Bandages – Plain old bandages is what I am talking about here. Plastic or fabric, colored or decorated with superheroes or princesses….I’m not choosy. I’ve often simply used a bandage on the back of my foot for prevention. I have also found that Band-Aid brand makes a special “blister healing bandage” but I have not tried them… yet.

If you haven’t managed to prevent your feet from getting sore, you’ll be looking for ways of cooling and calming your angry arches. A simple soak in Epsom salts does the trick, but my favorite foot soak is made by Barefoot Venus and is available online or at select retailers (check their site for a location near you). Soak… massage…moisturize… and you’ll feel good as new.

About the Author: Sonia Katlun

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