5 Essential Oils to Fight Discomfort

Life is unpredictable. Whether you’re traveling, at work, or out with friends, you can experience fatigue or signs of illness. Carrying travel-sized essential oils can save you from the discomfort. They can easily fit in your purse or pocket.

If you’re looking for an easy and effective cure to squeeze into your daily hectic routine, keep reading. Essential oils are a natural healing remedy for copious unpleasant symptoms. By rubbing a few droplets on your wrist or problem area, the aroma is passed through your bloodstream influencing the healing benefits to take place minutes after applying the oil. If you have an essential oil diffuser, you can pour a few drops of the oil in it and you’ll be able to inhale the benefits as the scent is released into your room. You can also add a few drops to your bath if you’re looking to unwind and boost your overall well-being.


It provides nausea relief, eases indigestion, improves concentration, decreases congestion, anti-inflammatory, relieves headache, and treats fevers.


It calms the mind, improves blood circulation, promotes better sleep, promotes immunity, cleanses cuts and wounds, decreases stress, and balances blood sugar levels.


It has anti-cancer effects, antiviral, antibacterial properties, repels insects, boosts brain function, helps cold and flu, increases metabolism, can be used as a hand sanitizer, helps sinuses and allergies, helps respiratory conditions, relieves constipation, helps ease stomach muscle spasms, antiseptic, cleanses the air and removes mold, and fights mouth and throat infections.

Tea Tree

It can be used as a healing ointment, treats ringworm and athlete’s foot, cleanses the scalp, soothes inflamed skin, fights acne, kills bacteria, relieves sores, removes yeast infection, fights dandruff, reduces oily hair, is a natural deodorant, and stimulates blood circulation and hormone secretions.


It boosts oral health, treats varicose veins, relieves depression, boosts appetite, heals bronchitis, pneumonia, whooping cough, and swollen lymph nodes, improves wrinkles, and complexion.

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