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16 Tips On How To Get Hired At Sephora

Close your eyes. Think of your happy place. Let me guess: you’re thinking about Sephora, aren’t you?

Now, what if I told you that I have insider information that will help you get a job at your happy place? Cosmopolitan magazine writer Heather Wood Rudolph sat down with Yvette Nichols, Sephora’s vice president of talent acquisition, to get the scoop on the hiring process at everybody’s favorite beauty store. I’ve rounded up a list of the best tips and tricks from Cosmo‘s interview with Nichols and from a few other Sephora insiders. Read on to learn everything you need to know about getting hired at paradise.

1.) You don’t need to have prior experience in the beauty industry

You don’t need to have beauty industry experience, but having worked any retail or hospitality jobs would be a huge advantage. Nichols told Cosmo that “passion, flexibility, a great attitude, and a strong inclination toward customer service,” are the most important attributes in prospective “cast members” (that’s Sephora-speak for “sales associates”).