10-Step Skincare? No Way! How to Simplify Your Routine

10-Step Skincare - How to Simplify Your Routine

For years, 10-step South Korean skincare has been all the rage among American women. You read that right: 10 steps, most of them morning and night! Devotees “double cleanse” their faces using an oil-based product to remove makeup followed by a gentle cleanser to deep-clean their skin. Then they exfoliate, tone, and apply treatments such as toner, essence, serums, ampules, eye cream, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Finally, they use sheet masks, or cotton sheets with holes for eyes, nose, and mouth that are saturated with serums, several times a week or even daily.

Maintaining this complex skincare routine is exhausting, not to mention expensive. No wonder many American women are searching for ways to simplify their routines without sacrificing their skin’s health and beauty.

The secret to paring down your routine is knowing what’s essential for you.  Click Continue to keep reading more!


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